6 Months Ago I Had My Last Chemo Treatment and Needed An Extra Unit of Blood, Today I Am Running In Roatan

So I have been trying to remain active and not abandon the hard work / nutrition plan from my time at the gym these last couple of months, and so today I went for a WOG (walk/jog/run). It was a route that started down the road, along the beach, part a Roatan rabbit and some rescued parrots, up and down a windy and slippery hill with a few gecos to keep me company, up a crazy steep, slippery long hill (or at least that’s how it felt) surrounded by jungle and without a car in sight as this particular resort is currently closed – walking backwards partway to keep myself moving while giving my burning calves a break, and catching up with busier roads, admittedly mostly downhill that saw me break into a run until I was back to the beach and walked for a cooldown. 


Almost 6 months ago to the day I was sitting in the Central Alberta Cancer Centre for my last chemotherapy treatment, surrounded by those who loved and supported me on this journey including my Mom, receiving that final “cocktail” of Paclitaxol (spelling?) and requiring an extra unit of blood because my counts were low.

How humbled, jubilent and grateful I feel! An extra burst of energy added more bounce to my step! I can not think of any better way to celebrate being completed chemotherapy than to feel the strength in my body with the urge and ability to run (even midday so close to the equator with water warming up and shaking and sweat towel waving in hopes to help catch drivers’ attention so they don’t run me down while avoiding potholes). 

It is again a reminder of my strength and hope, my connection to my faith and those prayers said to keep me company and in God’s embrace during my journey through this life of mine, that this very moment is special in itself as are the moments that have brought me to who I am today and the moments yet to come. It is the surprise in not knowing what is around the bend but knowing that I continue forward, one step at a time. 

And it is also in the knowing that at the end of the path I am welcomed home again by those who love me.

And, to continue on the understanding that some of life’s best stories haven’t even started yet, I continue to study my “home schoolong” with the anticipation that in a few days I will get to take my first breath under water!

Here’s to the bend in the road that keeps us guessing, moving forward, curious and hopeful!

With love,
11/24 & 26/2016

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