Listening to “Love Was Made for Me & You” and Thinking of Mom….

It’s somehow a melancholy day today, and yet it brings me a bittersweet smile. The weather is grey and turning to winter again with a cold bite in the air. Somehow this day has, in many ways, brought Mom to mind – from waking and thinking “good heavens, I can’t imagine having a 6 year old at 48 as she would have”, to running into a friend at Home Depot that knew her and told me how much she loves her to talking to a realtor this afternoon and mentioning the condo she once owned.

I decided to take myself for lunch today, wishing she was here to share a meal with as we so very often did. And I find tears leaking today as I think if her so very fondly and miss being able to chat, her wisdom, her hugs, her humour, and her ever so frustrating calls to help her figure out her computer.

And so while I sit here with sorrow in my heart because of losing her, the gratitude for past times spent together, with the strength given me by those memories, brings a small smile to my lips as I say thank you and raise my glass in a little toast, “to my Mama and the gift of our time together“.

My wish for you today dear one is that you have those warm memories bringing you the gift of your own strength while separated from those you love, or that you are creating them today if you have that opportunity, to bring a small smile to your own lips – if even today’s twinkle in your eye includes the refraction from tears of loss.

With much love, Glenna

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