My Happy New Year Gift

My dear friends – I am smiling to myself this morning and wanted to (hopefully) share that smile with you. I have been sick over Christmas with a lung infection (as have many, I am sure because these things certainly seem to be going around). It has certainly made for an extremely quiet Christmas for me although the good news is I didn’t gain any weight because I didn’t join in the festive feasting frivolity. With the help of a prescrption, some good rest and drowning myself with hot tea I am obviously feeling on the mend because as I was prepping my tea this morning this little ditty started writing itself in my head. I invite you to read it (loosly) to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music.

Cinnamon & ginger

Lemons and honey

This homemade tea because

Coughing ‘s not funny.

Tried with just resting

And cuddling the kitties

The bugs did get stubborn

And cause more serious symptoms.

To the doctor

For prescription

Now feeling better

Is my future vision.

Garlic chopped into

The juice of a lemon

Sit for an hour

Then drink like a venom

Poison the germs

Make me better

This little gal’s willing

To do whatever.

When to germs bite

When they sink in

We keep from our loved ones

To show we are carin’.

Good news is I will see

Healthier in twenty-three

As each day goes by

My lungs do less out cry

With coughing fits

Just from laughing small bits.

So to conclude this I wish you my dear friends

Health and happiness as twenty-two ends

May new memories be joyful and free

And bring you a smile when you think of me.

With love, Glenna

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