A Fond Farewell to 2020

A Fond Farewell?! Many may wonder how could I possibly have been fond of 2020? It’s really very simple – the people in my life.

I spent some time with my journal this morning, and as I wrote freely I started with the date. I always had fun writing the date this year – something playful about the number 2020. And as I wrote I found myself writing about what this year has brought.

I won’t deny that I have had anxiety, fear, and stress along with great sadness and feelings of isolation – they were all deeply felt.

But oh my, the pen somehow really went to work when I spent time recalling what else this year brought.

  • Driveway visits with neighbours, getting to know them better and creating a stronger bond as we looked out for each other
  • The people I work with (and for)…my extended family – doing their best to be calm leaders in an upside down world and bringing compassion and laughter to the days & weeks of rapid change.
  • The surprises that would show up on my doorstep – treats and flowers and friends doing a pop-by. Best reason for a ring & run ever, often served with a hearty side of laughter (especially if one was caught on my security camera with neon orange shoes).
  • Wine ninjas – even though I wasn’t involved, it was so fun to watch the videos and messages from those participating in it all
  • Being a ninja myself – and delivering to the wrong address on a couple of occasions yet the deliveries, through additional kindness – would find their way to the correct door. There was a LOT of laughter over those ones.
  • Calls and laughter with friends – connections could be had with technology
  • Sharing those words “I love you” – so simple yet so heartfelt, especially during a time when hugging can’t happen
  • Dropping down my guard and hugging a friend, long and hard, the first one in over 3 months that brought tears of joy and relief to my soul. A true hug where you soak in the moment and don’t quickly let go.
  • Finding small ways to boost the spirits of others – sidewalk chalk, driveway signs, colourful lights, small shenanigans, Halloween treats, silly and unexpected items appearing for a work Zoom call.
  • Peaceful moments without tv or noises of distraction and social media sales pitches, but sitting quietly with a furmily member by my side, watching as the world wakes or a few moments of contemplation before heading for bed
  • Early nights, extra rest, and less “running around” stress

Yes, this year had its challenges, but in truth when I look at saying goodbye to 2020 I can see how it has also brought with it many joyful moments that would have gotten lost in other more typical years. Those moments that we all reached out to those around us, and allowed others to reach out to us, with small acts of kindness and surprise that brought an extra smile to our day. While we have had to remain physically distant this year has in fact made me understand how closely connected to those “around me” I truly am.

As we bring in 2021 and all of its promise my wish for you is that you, yourself, are able to bid a fond farewell to 2020 to see the gifts that it brought into your life as well. Through the difficulty we find those true beacons of light.

With love & wishes for a healthy & happy New Year, Glenna

One thought on “A Fond Farewell to 2020

  1. Well written. We agree 2020, while good to see the end of was not without it’s good moments. Lets hope 2021 is less challenging and we can apply the lessons from the prior year to enjoy it even more intensely that we might have otherwise.


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