There is Something Wrong with This Picture

righteous indignaiton

I was supposed to have surgery today. Probably would have actually been in surgery at this very moment as I now sit here writing this post. Wednesday morning I had a very apologetic call from the surgeon’s office that my surgery had been cancelled because the hospital had called them to let them know that they did not have an anesthesiologist scheduled for today.

There are 2 ways one can respond to that. I chose to let her know that I was actually quite grateful for the call and appreciated them cancelling the surgery as opposed to letting me show up and being given a big stick to bite down on while they went ahead with an anticipated 80 minute surgery.

But apparently there was a second way I could have responded to that – one of anger, blame, the righteous indignation! They were making me a victim, I had all my plans in place, the surgery was scheduled for this day and dang it I should be able to have it then.

This is what is wrong with this picture – by the surgeon’s office assistant responding to me with such gratitude at my kind reception of the news, it would seem that sadly far too many people chose the second way of responding. I don’t understand why. Not only is it not her fault, but the bearer of this news is also the woman that is able to, because we live in Canada with access to healthcare, reschedule my surgery for me. I can understand some concern if it were a surgery for a life threatening condition that it would be more disconcerting and cause a high level of anxiety, but even in that state we have choice in how we chose to respond. I have every confidence that, when all of the ducks are able to be lined in a row, the surgery to remove the ports (that are causing me discomfort) from my breast reconstruction 3 years ago will be rescheduled, with ALL of the medical experts I would like to be in that OR with me.

So, I write this today with my wish that each of you is not only on the receiving end of a kind choice, a kind response, or even just a kind wish for a good day…and are perhaps encouraged that if it is not one of your good days today you can still to respond with kindness yourself.

With love, Glenna

One thought on “There is Something Wrong with This Picture

  1. Profoundly agree with you Glenna. It amuses me sometimes to speculate that if one was a very cynical, manipulative individual one would be very kind to everyone because the payback is so good for such an easy thing to do. It benefits the giver because they feel good about themselves and usually get a positive response such as you did. It sure benefits the recipient as they are often expecting trouble. What could be more likely to motivate the person to see if they could help you out and regardless of that be kind to you in your next encounter. Good on you.

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