Sweet Release(s)

From the parts of my body that had lost their health and were now causing harm as opposed to the strength and femininity they once housed for me.

From the noise of the hospital….the white noise and paging, yet the sounds that remind me how grateful I am for access to health care, medicine, electricity, and running warm water to sooth a sore body

From the capture of air in my belly. I still look 4 months pregnant – perhaps I should auction off naming rights on ebay as a fundraiser to adopt a family over Christmas? The balloon is starting to leak its gasses and for that I am most definitely grateful.

From the recycled hospital air – as I feel the cool breeze over my cheek lying in my very own bed tonight I find my spirit strengthen and lips spread in the smile of simple and missed pleasures.

From technology ….perhaps dropping my smartphone in the bathtub the evening before heading in for surgery was one of the biggest blessings as it was much easier to release myself from the distraction of technology and tune in to my body crying for much needed rest to rejuvinate and heal.

And perhaps the biggest one, one that I am still working to get my head around, release from the false thought that I can sail through this journey undaunted. This was a tough week for certain, and one that I had to rely on others to care for me and share their strength. 

Yes, this was a week of sweet (though dog-gone painful) release! 


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