Sometimes the laughter we need to find isn’t necessarily in the present moment, but in one from the past

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Have you ever tried to purchase a single egg from a grocery store?

Just “a few” years ago a friend and I popped by the grocery store on our lunch break. I was craving peanut butter cookies. Being a bit of a cookie snob, I admit, the “stale, store bought” ones weren’t going to cut it, and we had a toaster oven at work so the answer seemed simple. I would purchase a peanut butter cookie mix and bake some cookies in the kitchenette back at the office.

Enter the dilemma….the mix required an egg. One…single…egg.

Now, I had just been grocery shopping over the weekend and had purchased eggs, but they were at home, clearly not where I needed them. Having worked at a grocery store in high school and college I thought the answer would be simple – I would ask to purchase a single egg from one of the many cartons that had cracked or broken eggs. It seemed a simple request; may I please purchase one egg at 1/12th the cost of a carton of eggs.

I cannot describe the look of confusion on the stockboy’s face.

He tried to show me that they had half cartons that I could purchase, but I politely explained that I had a full carton of eggs at home and did not go through a lot of them, showed him the recipe on the back of the cookie mix indicating that I only needed one egg today, and asked again if I could just purchase a single egg from one of the many cartons that I was certain was in the cooler with cracked ones.

At this point I believe he thought I was in fact the cracked egg.

He went to go find someone to ask…..and as my friend and I traveled through the store we would hear the odd conversation about someone wanting to purchase a single egg and we would enthusiastically jump in asking if yes, indeed, could we please arrange to purchase a single egg. When we got to the till I asked the cashier…she would be knowledgable about ringing items in as a “1 of 12 for $x.xx”. She also became very confused. We were still at the till when the stock boy came up and identified us (unnecessarily at that point) as the ones wanting to purchase a single egg.

They were unable to identify how this could possibly be done, however before leaving the store they showed great kindness and actually gave me an egg as a gift.

The cookies were never made….we were too busy laughing about the confusion caused to these poor individuals over the strange request; but confused or not, kindness and compassion once again were shown in a world where we so often miss seeing it.  I only hope they have laughed about the strange request and ensuing mayhem as often as I have (likely a “had to be there moment”, but aren’t those the most fun?)

And my point with this story?

Over this last year I have learned how living in the present moment, as tough as it really is to be able to do at times, brings gifts of gratitude and happiness. I have observed my boyz (ok…dogs) and watched how much joy they have on a simple walk or how playing ball with a dog can be nothing but enthusiasm and I continue to learn from them….

…..but sometimes, when the moment just isn’t so fun and I am feeling weary, it is in remembering, honouring, and reflecting the past that brings a smile to my face, a giggle to my belly, and a crinkle in my eyes!

May today you make memories in your moments that will feed your spirit when weary!

With love,


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