The Christmas Spirit May Have Nothing on Our Farmers

I was just on the phone catching up with a friend and we began to talk about this fall and how winter fell so quickly on our farmers this year. Many Central Alberta farmers were left horror struck when snow fell early, seeing the majority of their crops still in the fields. Then late October/early November brought an almost miraculous feeling reprieve for them to begin the race and hard work to get those crops off.

And here is my point to all of this. What an honour it has been to grow up in an agricultural world where it has been the norm to see that spirit and camaraderie that typically people only talk about at Christmas. The neighbours helping neighbours – more often than not showing up unasked – helping to get the crops off, livelihoods taken care of, and even more importantly spirits lifted.

So, to those farmers out there, I salute you once again for proving to me that there are everyday little miracles around us and angels looking to swoop in and help when needed. This is not an occasion where retail tells us to treat our neighbours, co-workers, friends, and family in an extra special manner or buy cards and presents to acknowledge it. Harvest time calls for no special decorations to mark the occasion – just a little extra dust on the boots of our farmers working so hard and as a community. It is not about the special cocktails or cookies and parties – but down home cooking to feed the hard working men and women out there racing Mother Nature to feed us. And it is that spirit of community, not only at harvest time, but witnessed when a farm family is in trouble due to illness, accidents, broken down machinery, just not enough time in their day, or any other little curveballs life can throw their way.

Allow me to take a moment to send a special thank you to my Mom, Dad, Uncle Rex & Auntie Joanne, and the neighbours of the Shady Nook community for your help, prayers, and celebration in my world. It is a true honour for me to say I am “just” a Farmer’s Daughter as I believe this is what has kept the Christmas spirit in my heart year round.

May you witness the Christmas Spirit in your own world disguised as the simple, everyday “it’s just what we do when we see someone needs a hand”.

With much love,



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