Top Things I Have Enjoyed About My Mastectomy Chest

Monday, December 19 I am going in for what I am anticipating will be my last surgery for quite some time – breast reconstruction. As much as I look forward to feeling like this process will be complete, it is almost bittersweet as I realize that there truly have been advantages to this warrior chest of mine. Allow me to share…

  1. The chances of me developing breast cancer (due to my BRACA1 gene) have practucally been obliterated.
  2. Instantly made me look more fit and feel like a ballerina when I look in the mirror and see my posture.
  3. Wow does it make running/working out easier….except for the bench press, suddenly that bar has to come down a lot further to get to my chest.
  4. It is such a relief to be able to take the boobs off at the end of the day, when I am too hot, or they are just in the way.
  5. I can pick out which boobs (prosthetics) I want to wear in a day – my cozy “knitted knockers”  for a cold day, cotton ones for simplicity if wearing my mastectomy camisole, or my medical prosthetics for a more natural look. (Check out – especially if you or someone you love has had a mastectomy or perhaps you are a knitter that would like to help out) .
  6. I don’t have to worry about finding a blouse or jacket that will close nicely without pulling over my chest or making me feel like I am wearing a tent.
  7. My golf swing definitely improved this year.
  8. Massage tables are suddenly comfortable!
  9. I don’t have weighty bra straps digging in to my shoulders.
  10. I no longer need to be measured for a proper bra and will be able to buy them wherever I want (as I did when I was an ‘H’ cup).
  11. There is no longer embarrassment about crumbs or drips catching on my “shelf” for later.
  12. I haven’t had the discomfort of my boobs landing in my armpits when lying on my back.
  13. My torso seems so much longer when looking in a mirror without boobs hanging halfway down my chest.
  14. I can see my toes!
  15. I can carry a purse with the strap across my chest and my seatbelt stays where it should be.
  16. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing nipplitis.
  17.  I can truly get close and tuck in for a hug.
  18. Men have actually found the location of my eyes when talking to them.
  19. I can wear a long necklace without feeling that it is awkwardly looping my boob.
  20. And perhaps my favorite – I love being able to lay my hand upon my chest to closely feel my beautiful heart beating beneath!💖

    One thought on “Top Things I Have Enjoyed About My Mastectomy Chest

    1. What a beautiful attitude… I can identify with where you’re coming from as I’m an H, too. Had a scare a year ago. Turned out to be a hematoma from banging the lid of the washer on a bra-less boob! I was much relieved. Congratulations on maneuvering your way through it all. You are a real inspiration. ❤


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