45 for 45 – The Birth Day of A New Tradition

Today I turn 45 and am thrilled to count those turns around the sun and announce them to all – after all I had to intentionally fight for that privilege (with a great big team to back me up through the process). I have never really understood the “hiding” of one’s birthday – to me it has always been a great excuse to celebrate spending time with friends. But this morning as I lingered in the steam shower taking extra care to enjoy a moment in my day instead of rushing through the cleaning process to be ready for public, a new tradition came upon me.

45 for 45!

I am nearby setting a new standard for my birthdays – one fantastic moment for every year around the sun. Forget the “what are you doing for your birthday?” – “oh I am going out for supper to celebrate” conversations (though that is planned for today), but why not focus on enjoying 45 moments throughout the day. Doesn’t have to be huge, doesn’t have to be all selfish (often the best feel good is when you know you have done something for someone else), so here is my list so far.

  1. Spending time with you.
  2. Making the conscious decision to take some banked overtime and relax about the time I get into work this morning.
  3. Lounging in bed a few extra minutes, snuggled under the warm blankets with my boyz at my side, the coolness of the open window bringing a fresh start to the day.
  4. Coffee in my favourite chair with my boyz in my lap.
  5. Extra time with my journal writing a birthday wish for myself as to what I want for my year.
  6. The steam shower this morning! Ahhhh….lovely way to start the day indeed.
  7. Setting this new birthday intention – what a fun way to celebrate me.
  8. The plan to stop at my favourite coffee shop for a full fat full flavour Pumpkin Spice Latte on my way to work.

And I have only been up a little over maybe 90 minutes. Just think of all of the moments of joy that will be added to the list! I have a card with me to write them on and will begin a new treasure box full of these moments….after all there are many more to come over many years and I want to remember that it doesn’t have to be the great big splash to be a fantastic birthday.

In fact, celebrating yourself doesn’t have to be on your birthday at all. My birthday wish this year is that each of you find at least one moment today (it’s okay to start small) that you pause to recognize that this moment, right hear, right now, is GOOD.

Feel free to share below – after all, I never tire of  the sharing of moments of love, joy, peace and celebration in this world.

Much love,


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