Even the Sun Has Her Days

This big fiery ball of glorious vibrant energy that signals a new day filled with new hope has her days where just being, just shining through the clouds is a battle.

I was listening to a meditation on this chilly, damp and grey morning and it began with welcoming the sun on this new morning, a new day filled with promise, and it “dawned” on me (pun intended) that even the sun has her days. Imagine the pressure! Talk about everyone relying on you. To bring warmth, light, every for every plant to grow. We expect the sun to shine, get frustrated when she is hidden by clouds, especially when it is several grey days in a row. Yet when she shines we lather with sunscreen (a good thing) to protect ourself from her energy or often seek shelter in the shade, or even pray for rain. There have been sacramental rain dances performed.

Do you remember the last time you looked at the sky watching for the sun to break through the clouds? To show her strength and feel her loving warmth on your face? To show her glorious colours at sunrise or sunset? And yet when are her paintings most glorious – on the days with not a cloud in the sky or on the days when she uses them to create an even more interesting, almost indescribable masterpiece that is unique to every eye watching?

Even the sun must allow the clouds to hold her back some days, to let the green of the earth rest and quench its thirst, to drink from the tears of the clouds that allow it to spring forward again with magnificent life, refreshed and ready to once again great the sun in her glory.

So you see, even something so strong, such an integral part of every living thing’s being and life force, something that is there constantly every single day even if just for a moment peeking through a bank if clouds, has its day and that is okay.

I can’t say that I have ever found myself thinking less of the sun because of a grey or rainy day, even when longing for her return. I haven’t muttered to friends, whispering behind the sun’s back that she is weak. I may sometimes fight impatience at not seeing her if the cold and grey lasts a few days, but still I know that her strength, her fireball of energy is there, ever present, if even for a moment beneath the surface of the clouds in my sky.

And for me that is the important thing to remember is that even when I cannot see her energy and feel her beams on my face as I lift my head to look for her, she is there waiting to show her strength once again, always. Even when we can’t see her and complain of the grey the sun brings us daylight. The grey days need to be just be welcomed too as they are just as important, bringing rain and shade to quench the thirst of the parched earth and washing away the dust storms of days gone too long without nourishment, bringing forth that incredible scent of renewed freshness.

May today you find at least once sunbeam, one rim of a glow break through the clouds, and if by chance it is a day when the clouds prevent you from seeing the sun may tomorrow’s sunrise paint a picture twice as magnificent, hopeful and inspiring for you bringing you into a day renewed with colour, with the fragrance of a freshly satiated earth, and with a connection to that strength within us all.

With love, Glenna

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