My Favorite Time of Day

Some mornings the alarm goes off and the last thing I feel like doing is getting out of my fantastically comfy spot in my warm and cozy bed. But then I remember, getting up means I get to have that first morning coffee in my chair enjoying the silence of the start of the day with my pup on my lap and focused on the pool of love surrounding us.

I have “heard” my thoughts those mornings when it is especially hard to tear myself out of bed – what’s the difference between being close to Conan in bed or in my chair? But the difference is populating the same room vs. truly being aware and focusing on one another. It is like when you are with someone who is texting or surfing on their phone, or perhaps so engrossed in something on tv they hardly hear you speaking to them vs sitting together in a room with no distractions and having a real conversation. It is that intentional giving of time, energy and love that is required to create a real and strong bond. It is the respect and the signal to one another that each is worthy, each makes a difference in this world just with the gift of focused time and being together. If there is a bonus of a sunrise it is like the colourful wrapping paper on this special gift.

And that is my favorite time of day. The giving and receiving of focused, unconditional love that just says “I want to be with you”, not for any other reason than to be together in joyful silence and watch the world wake up to the anticipation of a brand new day.

And the coffee sure helps too! đŸ˜˜

Wishing you each the gift of moments of true connection.

With love, Glenna

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