Do You See It Around You?


I sit here in awe once again that the Universe has conspired to support me in what I need, what I desire. It isn’t always something big….it can be something as simple as having gone to the grocery store with a list of ingredients for a recipe to find each one on sale, a phone call out of the blue from a friend when needing a pick up, or on those truly special occasions when I have been given the gift of being the friend that makes the call when someone else needs the pick up. 

Sometimes I see these things as the energy of the Universe (really, there are more important things than ingredients for a recipe being on sale at my grocery store), sometimes for me it is my guardian angels hard at work (that near miss, that kind and helping hand from a stranger on a tough day), and sometimes it is the Holy Spirit (or Divine Spirit and connection to Spiritual Self) that allows me the knowledge of true connection and that I have made a difference in another’s life. It can be following my instinct and learning later that it was the right choice. It can be choosing not to follow my instict (don’t take the phone to the bathtub…Farm Heros can wait) and learning that I should have listened (after I drop my cell phone into the bathtub).  It can even be going through a most painful experience and later coming to understand how it has truly made me stronger, more aware of who I am and what I want, and ultimately as a result bring more joy into my life.

January 21st I will be seeing my gyny oncologist for a follow up appointment at which point I expect to hear whether or not chemotherapy will be the next step in my road to a resilient, healthy and strong body. At this point I am not sure which side of the scales will be heavier….my jubilation and abundant energy to be shared in celebration or the need to reconnect to that loving and supportive energy and strength….but once again I have been given the opportunity for exactly what I need when I need it.

In January of 2015 I completed the Hoffman Process and it offered me tools that I have grown with over this last year to build up my strength, courage, love and compassion for myself and those around me, and a way to identify what I truly want and deserve in my life. As a graduate of the process I am able to go back to what is essentially the graduation ceremony for new students (or closure). The first one that I attended after completing the process left me almost euphoric, drunk with the high of an energy and renewed connection to love and my spiritual self that strengthens me. My body sings with energy, positivity and a new sense of balance. 
During my little journey to health the Universe has conspired to bring me exactly what I needed for the best and most loving support for me, a strong connection to my spiritual self and the loving compassion that surrounds me each day when I choose to recognize and connect to it. The night before my mastectomy there was a Closure ceremony, and now on the eve of my follow up at the cancer centre there is another one. How special this is to me! I was even able to change my appointment time with my specialist to earlier in the day (when is that opportunity available with a specialist?) so that I could plan to attend. Whether it is to share my exhaultant energy with those I surround or to lean on the spirit of beautiful individuals surrounding me, it is a day for me to connect!

And so my wish for you reading this today is that you find and share your own connection to what you need, are able to listen to that gift of instinct and inner voice, and are able to see the supportive little messages surrounding you in your day to help you choose what is most loving and supportive for you on this journey we all share.


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