The Escape to Rebuild My Resiliency

It has been a long, long time coming. One of my dearest friends has been living in Roatan, Honduras for a number of years. He and his girlfriend (that I have been blessed to have as a friend for a “few months” now because  refuse to admit to the number of years on such things) have been encouraging me to travel for a visit to see them and experience their corner of the world. Something always seemed to be holding me back but it feels now, as I sit on their front porch reading my book and distracted by the hummingbirds coming to visit the feeder above my head, I understand that perhaps it didn’t happen prior to now because now is when I needed it the most. Once again I have been given what I need not when I (and perhaps my ego) thought I needed it but when it was truly the most healing for me. 
My goal, while here, is to be completely disconnected from my email, phone, texts, and Facebook (so this won’t be published until I am home).  It is to live in the moment, to spend some time each and every day in that magnificent ocean and soak up the powerful resilience it represents for me. To watch the waves coming and going, wiping away my fears, hurts and disappointmenta as though wrtitten on the sand and replacing then with extreme gratitude, strength, resolve, peace, self love and worthiness. Before I arrived here I was going through a time when I felt so very alone. Now that I am here, though I have spent lots of time on my own, I feel my heart swell with peace and self-love. I am able to access the moment, to understand what I want in the moment, and to soak it all in. My heart and spirit are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the many, many blessings in my life.

And then there is the time with my special friends. Nothing crazy or superficial in the way of entertainment, just life, enjoying each other’s  company, food, drink and early restful nights…..I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

May you find that peace within your own day today that makes your heart swell for no real reason, which is the very best reason of all.


With love, G.


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