If Time is So Relative Why Is It So Hard To Live In The Moment?

Time – some Friday afternoons at work or when stuck in a meeting that seems to be endlessly accomlishing nothing And we would swear the clocks stopped ticking.

Those long moments at a party when you are so ready to leave but your partner in crime is having too much fun – or those lightening quick moments when you are the one having fun and want just “10 more minutes”

Or time is measured in “one more drink”.

Or OMG “how many more reps of lunges, moonwalkers, pushups or meters do I ned to row to get out of the gym today”?

How steep is this hill – will I ever find the top?

Time spent mourning the loss of someone close to us vs those heady moments falling in love (or even faster those moments we fall in lust).

When the shit seems to keep flying in our direction how long those days and weeks can be vs when every little thing seems to be lining up perfectly just for us.

How many chews it takes to politely eat a meal vs the desire to overeat one that is so very tasty.

When I worked on ships days of the week weren’t measured by Monday, Tuesday, etc. but by which port of call or what numbered sea day we were on.

On vacation it may be we have only been here ___ days or I can’t believe I have only one night left.

How we anticipate seeing loved ones come to visit but how nice it can be to have home back to it’s regular routine again when they leave Nd the extra breathing space it allows.

The length of time it takes to clear yhe smell of someone’s fart from our nostrils vs the smell of freshly baked cookies, cinnamon buns, bread, or whatever that comfort smell is for you.

My first time underwater with the scuba gear felt like an eternity until I (not so calmly) got back up the 6 feet to the surface

Yesterday after almost an hour under 40 feet of water, swimming with 4 or 5 turtles I could understand how people might get into trouble staying under too long enjoying the view. I think this was the most natural occurance for me fully being in the moment with zero thoughts about life or bills or responsibilities or hurts or hopes that I have felt in a very, very long time. It was made up of moments that passed by too quickly, but in a very special, peaceful and restorative way for my spirit.

So, if a moment is not just measured as a certain increment of seconds, each one unique and bringing us an experience (all of them bringing us to where we are at this moment now) why is it so hard to stay in it and experience it for what it is when we have it?

And so, to take in this one, feeling the sun on my feet and working its way up my legs, listening to the waterfall at the pool across the road, watching the hummingbirds look for food, gazing at the red and yellow hibiscus with Billy and Simba for company between their explorations, I am putting down my iPad, picking up my coffee, and taking in a huge breathe of gratitude straight to my heart space.

And yep – part of that gratitude may just be that I am upwind of the garbage bin in my current tropical location.


With love,


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