Oops…I Was So Busy Having My Own Little Dance Party Celebration I Almost Forgot My Cookies in the Oven

Today I had my first post-surgery follow up with my plastic surgeon. Things appear to be healing well and I will go back in 3 weeks for my first “top up” of the expander. But here is the BEST NEWS…I got the all clear to resume activities. So I can go back to the gym! I came home and cleared off the snow from my own driveway all by myself! I get to have a real bath tonight and real shower in the morning! I have been freely dancing like a maniac around my kitchen island – much to my boyz’ (AKA dogs) concern and the near demish of the almost forgotten gingersnaps I am baking to take as a treat for the Cancer Centre when I visit a friend getting chemotherapy tomorrow.

But the BESTEST BEST NEWS!?!? This was the last one! The last time I had to hold back and promise my friends I would behave and try not to overdo it and rely on others (because of surgery or my own chemo) in relation to this last year or so. I am exuberant! There have been celebrations all along, but as I am guessing anyone else that has gone down this road knows, there has always been that little niggling feeling holding me back a wee bit – things still weren’t complete. (Oh sure, the breast reconstruction process isn’t done yet and won’t be until the ink dries on my future tatoos, but that’s minor now). I now get to move my body with the energy that comes from sheer joy!

Look out world – I get to rejoin full tilt!!  Woot! Woot!

2017 – my year to Engage!

With love & great joy, Glenna

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