Dear Las Vegas, I  Thank You for This Cold, Sincerely

So my ventures in Vegas yesterday saw me seeking out cold medicine…poor me. Imagine, the combination of cold & breezy AC, little & poor-ish sleep, oh and alcohol comsumption all assisted in giving me a cold. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself (not quite on the man-cold level) when I became aware of something that truly made me rejoice having a stupid cold.

I had allowed myself to let down my guard!

I know, I shouldn’ t really be happy about being sick, but I can’t remember the last time I let down my guard and allowed it. I am the kind of girl who shatters after the tradgedy has been taken care of or would get sick as soon as school or finals were done – I didn’t have time for it before that so wouldn’t allow it. I certainly wasn’t about to allow it to delay surgeries or treatment! 

Before I left for this week in Vegas  I knew that I just needed an escape from responsibility. I needed to not think about bills or being a landlady for Mom’s condo or getting home to let my boz out and feed and walk them (because as much as I love them and can’t or wouldn’t want life without them they are an added responsibility), or Mom’s estate and what needs to be done as Executor or spring maintenance on my house, returning to work and trying to maintain a health and wellness program with a trainer. And lest we forget my drive to find “the reason I beat cancer / AKA purpose in life” while working to rebuild self esteem and confidence.

And this morning, as I ran again for a tissue for a nose unrelenting in it’s constant dripping while somehow staying stuffed and a chest that hurts with a cough I found myself smiling. I let down my guard. I escaped reality and went into the willing suspension of disbelief that allowed me to wonder and peruse with awe while leaving reality behind.

So Vegas, it may not be often that people return home feeling their energy building within ince again and a new found (or re-found) strength, but you are sending me home with the exact and priceless souvenir that I needed and for that I am grateful.

May you be able to let down your own guard and, even if it results in a cold and your body screaming at you to let out the crap and take a little more self care, may it bring you that little reprieve from your own responsibilities that we sometimes all need.

With love, Glenna

2 thoughts on “Dear Las Vegas, I  Thank You for This Cold, Sincerely

  1. I am heading there next week Glenna to do the same!!!
    Hoping my stamina can match my desire to see everything!!
    Feel better soon! 😊K


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