Proof Positive Cancer Doesn’t Always Have the Upper Hand!!!

Left to Right – 1 Year, 2 Years, 7 Years

3 Women, 3 Women Clean & Healthy & Strong & Vibrant & Victorious!!!!!
Today I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with two women whose strength, determination and outpouring of empathetic support I have been fortunate enough to receive this past year or two. All three of us are now Clean & Healthy! (Really don’t like the negative connotation Survivor puts into my mind…yes it takes strength but it also makes me feel like I was nearly a victim and that just isn’t how I see my cancer diagnosis). It is amazing how quickly cancer patients can find each other, support one another, understand the emotional and physical components of ongoing side effects of treatment, and cheer each other’s victories (like hair growth and eyelashes and returning energy and boob reconstruction). To me that does not make a community of victims but a community of strength & love and is one to be respected, cherished and sought after (though maybe for different reasons than cancer treatment😉).
So as a picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps someone somewhere needs a little reminding, here is PROOF POSITIVE that cancer doesn’t always get the upper hand!

And if third times the charm & 3 Vibrant Women isn’t enough to bring hope and inspiration to ypur world, let me introduce you to a fourth woman who also inspired me on my journey! A mutual friend “introduced us” via Facebook, knowing we were each taking this disease head on woth strength and determination. Cindy’s posts on Facebook were always insprolliring for me, helping me to dig down to that inner strength and wisdom, and a quick and truly empathetic connection was quickly formed. Personally, I am now afraid she may be a little crazy because she is registeres and, still recovering from treatment, training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer! I have included her link below because #1 you can see her story. She too inspired me and rinded me that cancer doesn’t always get the upper hand, I didn’t need to be a victim through my treatment, but could use it as a reminder to LIVE VICTORIOUSLY through it all with humour, determination and love.

Reason #2 I introduce you to Cindy is to allow ypu the opportunity (should you decide to support her efforts financially and it works with your wallet), well maybe that is just one more step to the next case of Cancer getting slammed down in it’s effort to get the upper hand.

With love & a Strong Bicep Curl 😉


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