Today I Invited Mom for a Walk With Me & the Boyz at the Dogpark

I could, because as of one year ago today she is no longer dragged down by the burden of damaged lungs requiring oxygen, poor kidneys making her feel nauseated, a heart having difficulty jeeping up with it all and poor mobility requiring a walker, cane or chair. Since losing Mom’s physical presence (hard to believe a year has passed) there have definitely been tough moments when I really wanted her hug, her wisdom, shared laughs, her treats….but I still feel her presence near me. There are times when I find her wisdom rise up through me, and this weekend as I cleaned and purged through my house I was blessed to share the laughs, love and support once again as I found photos, old cards, and momentos.

And so Mama, thank you for giving me those things – the gift of your love & support in writing that I may read it (and need it) again all these years later, for taking the time to allow the photos of yourself be taken, and the many, many treasured memories I have. There were the stickmen drawn on my brown lunch bags – even sometimes faxed randomly to me at work to put a smile on my face, the crafts, the travels, the birthday cakes, the costumes, the laughter and jokes, the recipe for Grandma’s special, the love of baking and cooking to feed others, the memories of the random “I bought you something today” calls that would go back and forth between us whenever we saw something small we thought the other might use or get a kick out of stirring curiosity we could see what it was, the love of critters, and especially the little ways you let me know you are still with me now.

I hope she enjoyed our walk down with the boyz this mkrning and down memory lane this afternoon. Sending my love to her & Dad and wishing you all the cherished memories, photos, and the odd little card from loved ones of your own to remind you the are always near.

Love G.

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