Is it the nipple or the bump – exactly what is “offensive”?

Now that I have the bumps back in place after my bilateral reconstruction (post mastectomy) but have not undergone nipple reconstruction, could I be running around topless* in a manner that is socially acceptable?

Media doesn’t make a big whoop-de-do about the bump however media does goes crazy about wardrobe malfunctions and a woman’s “nip slip”. This has had me wondering, is it in fact the nipple or the bump that is the problem? Remember the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime-show controversy (AKA Nipplegate) with Janet Jackson when her nipple was exposed? Nobody mentioned the globe of the breast, that didn’t seem offensive, only the nipple being exposed.

But if it is indeed the nipple, why then does it seem well accepted for a man to run around shirtless in the summer showing off his nipples?

Does that mean that it is in fact the bump that is the problem?

But if it is the bump that is the problem then why are there so very many low cleavage tops, or those showing side boob, that are considered acceptable. And if it is the bump does that mean that a man with “man-boobs” should then not be allowed to be shirtless in public? Exactly what circumference becomes too large for the bearing of the nipple to be acceptable? If it’s the bump and not the nipple, does that mean a flat-chested woman can bare all with no cause for alarm that she would “offend society”?

And let’s through one more question in to add to the fun – what happens if I get nipple tattoos? Is it then acceptable or not for me to be topless? Does that depend if it is a 3D nipple image vs. flowers to cover the scars over the breasts? There is no nipple protruding outwards so is that acceptable to be uncovered or not? But once again, I do have the globe shape of a breast protruding out of my chest so does that change things?

I feel like the Confused Philosopher from The Royal Canadian Air Farce. This is the chicken vs. the egg all over again so I ask you, is it the nipple or the bump?

With love & confusion over wardrobe options,


*Not so sure I would want to run around publicly topless – would blow my sunscreen budget having to cover the extra area, but is this one of my new options post-surgery?

One thought on “Is it the nipple or the bump – exactly what is “offensive”?

  1. Dangerous topic 😊
    Apparently a female nipple is more provocative than cleavage. Generally that’s accepted, not necessarily backed by logic?
    Males with man boobs are not provocative regardless of what’s revealed.
    Have fun no matter what your decision is😊


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