Live Vibrantly

It has been awhile since I have written, seems that I felt I didn’t have the big moments to share or the initials behind my name to make my writings worthy. But that’s perhaps when the voice needs to be heard the most, a normal Joe, sometimes scattered in thoughts, sometimes battered in life, but still working hard to live vibrantly.

I just completed a morning meditation on pushing the happiness button and as I was journaling I had an image come to my mind that I have the choice to live my life in shades of grey or to live in colour, to LIVE VIBRANTLY!

That gets real messy real fast – kind of like when I try to paint in my house and still find the evidence months later in a completely different room, on the tv remote, or even on a pot lid (I am talented at being a mucky pup). Living vibrantly opens me up to hurt and failure – it means I may fall on my knees trying to throw a bowling ball or try my hand at a piece of art that I get frustrated over if it doesn’t, work out, or setting myself up to be hurt by a silly boy or embarassing myself in some other way shape or form (hand-eye coordination has never been my sting gift and a natural athlete I am not), but living vibrantly has also brought me times of belly laughs and giddiness (like splashing through mud puddles as an adult because a cast had come off of my ankle), butterflies over a first kiss or even moreso the next date when just not quite sure how to greet him at the door, or laughing at myself when I catch myself in the act of doing something silly. It has brought spontaneity into my life and mischievous shenanigans that put the twinkle back in my eye. It is a mini-break from the “reality of adulting” that can be taken nearly any time, anywhere, and it is the streams and ribbons of colour that twirl and flow around me, bringing me joy, enthusiasm, and gusto in life. It is when I remember to live vibrantly that I know I am truly living. It can be pushing myself out of the “safety” of matching greys to step into something a little more energizing, a lot more fulfilling, and most definitely more connecting to those around us. It can be taking too long to clean my house because I am truthfully probably spending more time singing put loud and dancing to the tunes than actually cleaning. No matter how I chose to live vibrantly I know I am there because it is energizing me, it brings an ear to ear smile to my face, and I can almost feel it glowing from my pores.

May today you find yourself living vibrantly and letting your beautiful selves shine out into your world!

Love Glenna

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