Unexpected Interactions

So this morning, still groggy from sleep on this rainy start to the day, I forgot to disarm my home alarm as I was stumbling around still half asleep. Conan, one of my most vicious guard dogs, saw something in the yard he felt he must urgently protect me from (probably an early bird trying to get its worm). In my dazed response to his running back and forth between doors I opened the door only to be greeted by the not-so-melodic sound of my alarm system springing into action. (Sorry about that neighbours).

I ran to the panel to shut off the alarm, berating myself a little for forgetting to shut it off as part of my morning routine, gathered my phone and made the call to the alarm monitoring station to report my false alarm. At this point my call was answered by a gal with sunshine dripping from her voice. She was competent, efficient, cheery and friendly. When I told her I wasn’t quite awake yet and still needed by coffee she laughed and said she was on her second cup and that it doesn’t always help, but she did so with joy and sounding fully awake. Ending the cal she told me to have a wonderful day, and do you know I fully believe that she meant it.

So this interaction, maybe 90 seconds in total and of all things with someone at a call centre, truly made my morning! I went from being sleepy and slightly impacted by this grey start to the day to finding a continuous smile on my face, connecting now to the vivid green colours in my yard as opposed to the dullness of the sky, and yep – ready to have a wonderful day.

I don’t know what is happening in that gal’s life. I don’t know if she ever goes to bed at night wondering if she is making a difference in this world of ours or thinks to herself she “just” works at a call centre, but I DO know that she made a difference to my day today and that gives me the hope, message and insight that perhaps I will do the very same for someone else, if even in a brief and unexpected interaction.

May you find yourself smiling today❣️
With love, Glenna

P.S. As a sidenote I also wrote to the alarm company to pass on the kudos to a job well done and would encourage you to perhaps consider taking the time to do something similar in your own world because, after all, it’s a small world shared by us all and it gets a whole lot better very quickly when we can share a smile.

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