Cold & Miserable Or Day of the Dance

Alberta weather is pretty special and can change drastically in a very short timeframe. Once again we have seen it tip from a sunny +27 to a rainy, windy few days 20 degrees cooler (upon waking at least). At first it feels like a blissful respite from heat, allowing for a good night’s sleep.

One of my favorite feelings is being able to wake on a weekend morning to the pitter patter sound of rain, a cool breeze drifting across my cheeks and playing with my nose, bringing that delightful fresh scent of life and growth that only rain can bring as it drifts across my face. That moment of deep contentment knowing that I am able to snuggle back deep under the covers, melting into the bed, snuggled with my Boyz drifting gently in and out of awareness in a lazy start to the day.

But this is Monday morning, and I didn’t have the opportunity to snuggle back under. Instead I had to force myself out of bed with the promise of a hot coffee that was waiting for me (thank you to whomever invented the timer on the coffee pot). And as I stumbled to the kitchen in sleepy movement my eyes looked upon my yard with its many trees and bushes and I thought, ugh, it is windy and it looks cold and miserable today. And I paused at that inner dialogue (that negative self-talk isn’t always about body image or self esteem types of issues). I felt my mouth in its sneer, the frown lines deepen at my eyebrows, and the pit of my stomach contract in the “I don’t wanna” position of starting a day this way, and I knew this is not how I wanted to begin my day, nor my week.

So I looked again.

And I still saw a windy day, but this time I saw the trees dancing, playing in the wind. Their trunks measmurizing as they wave to and fro, individual branches moving in a reach and bow, almost doing “arm circles” as they are independent yet part of the mighty trees. Leaves were flapping crazily in the wind, almost as if they are providing the extra pizazz of “jazz hands”! They daylilly fronds provide their backup, the pops of colour from the flowers in bloom a bright costume to contrast the green backdrop. The many vivid shades of green that connect to life’s essence itself, something not possible without these rainy days of respite from the parching heat of the sun. The movement a reminder of my own resilience, the need for movement, flow and rooted strength through challenges of life.

And now, gazing out the window, I found myself smiling as I watched the dance, each tree and flower creating its own unique pattern and style, combining as one mighty display of the resilience of life. I feel a little less cold, a little more energized, and much more inspired to begin this day anew, reminding myself to take an extra moment to smell the vibrant and fortifying freshness of life that the rain brings. My face has lightened into a smile that I feel pull my body up a little straighter, a little lighter, my stomach now relaxed and lower back even feeling more flexible and lose.

And so I set my intention today, that instead of my head down, fighting and bulldozing through the cold, windy and wet day to get from point A to point B, miserable and disconnected from the raw beauty around me, I will walk with my head up, observant of the dance before me, breathing in the energy of life, connecting and offering a smile with those who may cross my path, cleaning my rain-spotted eyeglasses once again, and choosing to join in this dance.

May you find your own way to join the dance surrounding you today.

With love, Glenna

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