Why is playing hooky SO soul satisfying?

So today I started the morning with a little hooky from work. We have a major deadline this week, I knew well I would be in the office a good chunk of the weekend, the sun was shining and they were calling for thunderstorms this evening so I sent in a text saying I was playing hooky to start the day by taking my Boyz for a walk, sure I would make up the time this weekend.

First of all, let me say that I am extremely grateful for the people I work with, and have these past 18 years (gosh, that makes me feel like a lifer). There is respect both ways, they know when the chips are down they can count on me, I appreciate that they allow me the flexibility to play hooky (with permission) when I need it in order to be more productive when there.

But what is it about the hooky times that is so satisfying? This morning when walking the Boyz I started with the tunes in my earbuds, singing and a little dance-hop in my step. Halfway thru I realized that I wasn’t connecting fully to morning and turned off the tunes to listen to the birds singing and the neighborhood dogs “talking”, the sounds of road construction a few blocks away, an angry squirrel chirping and the wake up of neighbours through the sound of a vehicles driving. There was a sumptuous scent in the air, almost spicy (perhaps in part from the clover flowers), then green (when I was able to step on green spaces instead of pavement) was luxurious and thick with a springy velveteen feel from the grass, clover, and even weeds soaking in the morning dew so it wasn’t quite wet but moist within.

It was a glorious morning, a life fulfilling way to start the day. There was nothing “special” that made me smile like a lotto win or a new love interest. It was knowing I was taking time for me, while the sun was shining, to connect to the very simple wonders that life offered each and every day of we only take the moment to allow them in through the walls of “should do” or “what’s next” or ” did I forget” or “do I have to”. It was the simple moments of taking in the simplicity that life was offering and knowing that this moment, this simplicity, is a life well lived.

Wishing you your own moment of a life well lived today, may it make your heart expand in warmth and freedom, and may it bring a smile to your face for no other reason than it is you and the moment, and it is good.💖

With love, Glenna

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