Honouring the Trust

These Boyz (aka dogs for the new readers) fill my heart every day and inspire me in how I choose to live.

I am sitting here with my coffee and Winston on my lap. Currently Conan is protecting me in the front window from what I believe may be an “evil” cat or rabbit out on the street. As I look down at Winston, sleeping contentedly, I am truly honoured by the trust in this little 4 lb (pre-poop) body. At the moment there is not a care in the world for him. I could easily stand up quickly, throwing him to the floor and hurting him, but he knows without a doubt that he is truly, unquestionably safe where he is. And I am deeply, gratefully, and sometimes nearly overwhelmingly honoured by that.

It is extremely rare that a trust like that, in my experience, is found between people. Always a slight hesitation that they will hurt me, or perhaps I have hurt them in some way with my words or actions. But what a gift it would be to be able to completely surrender to trust, to knowing that needs will be met and love will be given, that there is no need to worry about whether or not they will be hurt at my hand but can come to me for protection when they are scared. To live not worried that the next meal will be there or a walk will happen or that they will receive some loving pets, but just be in that moment and soaking it up for what it is.

But mostly I am moved by the complete trust, and this morning I once again feel my heart expand with warmth and love as I look down at this precious little body housing a spirit within that would rival that of any of the largest of wolves. And I am inspired to earn the gift of that trust and faith from those in my life, and I am grateful for the reminder that living my life in such a way gives me more than can be put into words.

May you find yourselves surrounded by those in your life that you can share, not only your heart, but your trust with.

Much love, Glenna

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