What is the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

Is it how hot your butt looks in that outfit? How svelte your figure, how fancy your new car is, how clean or georgeous your home is or how shiny your hair, how cute your dog or rad your sound system (did I just age myself using the word rad)?

Was the best compliment you’ve ever received, the one that still sometimes resonates with you on a random day and time and makes you feel truly honoured or humbled that you are that special in that way, because of something you purchased or way that you looked?

I have a poor memory – any of my friends could probably give you an instance of a time or happening that they recall and I have zero recollection of, but there have been 2 compliments that I have received in my life that I can describe in great detail where I was sitting or standing, the location, the individual, and the randomness of their gift of giving that compliment to me. One was almost 20 years ago when I was told by a colleague thatI was a female version of “Jack” (another colleague) because I would just light up a room with joy when I came in (ok, usually I am pretty joyful but we all have our times), and the second one was probably 8 years ago when a friend of a friend told me that she couldn’t believe how comfortable and at ease she was around me because that was not ever how she felt with people. It has been the support over writing this very blog when I have heard that my sharing really did inspire someone one day, and that warms my heart to know that not only am I not alone in some of my feelings or thoughts in this great big world, but also that one more connection was made.

So, even as I go to the gym and try to be healthy and strong, and of course look better in my own skin, those just aren’t the compliments that really count. Don’t get me wrong, they are great and I think is important to give those around us a little dose of encouragement and acknowledgment now and then, but it dawned on me this morning that what really counts is truly on the inside and not our exterior package.

And so, today, I encourage you to remember those compliments you have received, the ones that truly allow you to connect to those beautiful heart-filling, spirit lighting, and life affirming compliments that affirm that yes, you make a difference in this world, yes you are following your life purpose, and yes you are about way more than the numbers on a scale and the material possessions around you

With much love, Glenna

2 thoughts on “What is the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

  1. You absolutely light up a room when you enter! You have an infectious personality and are very likeable. One of the nicest people I know ❤️☺️


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