The Moment of Spectacular Joy

I left work yesterday knowing I was beginning a vacation, when a huge wave of energetic celebration came upon me. Oh yes, there was of course the usual “yay I am now officially on vacation” joy that always comes when one starts, but yesterday that moment became truly spectacular.

I was walking out of the office knowing I would be gone for an extended period of time and had reached the parking lot when it happened for me. This time away had nothing to do with medical treatments of any sort and everything to do with celebrating my good health and preparing to find sunshine and joy in the warm waves of the Caribbean, connecting to that beautiful resilience that lies within each one of us, resparking the embers within to rebuild and rejuvenate my spirit.

Let me say that again, because I really did have to take a moment if awe and appreciation yesterday, I was leaving the office for a vacation, not a medical treatment, for life and good health, not fear and physical discomfort. And I am so very grateful.

And I understand that it doesn’t need to only be when I am heading out on vacation to take that moment of awareness and appreciate it. That is something that can happen at any given moment, all I need to do is take a moment to feel the sunshine on my face, the catch of the cold fresh air in my lungs, the ability to get up and move freely, the close proximity of clean water, the end of a productive work day that allows me to leave the office behind and reconnect to the other parts of my life, each and every day, that bring me joy. Time with friends, and most definitely time with Conan.

And so my wish for you today is that you find a moment of that spectacular joy when you are truly aware of something in your life that makes your chest expand with love, gratitude, health and a new memory, even in what may be some very underwhelming physical place like a parking lot, that will resonate deep within your beautiful spirit and re-energize you as you go your way.


With love, Glenna

….now I had better get that suitcase packed.😉

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