And So Begins My “MEcation”

A friend of mine (thank you Geoff) coined the phrase Mecation for me when we had the opportunity for a good visit. There are some people in my life that I have been truly blessed to find, that immediately upon seeing each other, even if not for long stretches of time in between, the conversations are real, honest, from the heart and meaningful. He is one of those friends. In our conversation I was talking about my plans for this trip to Roatan, that it was giving me the opportunity to be responsibly irresponsible just when I needed it, and to allow for some solid time to reconnect to that loving and adventurous spirit within me. Not currently dating, I didn’t want to even meet anyone at this point as I wanted to make sure that this time was about me reconnecting to myself, not about missing someone back home or inviting them along and missing that time altogether. I knew that I needed to be able to take some time during the day to relax without the tasks of home ownership I busy myself with, electronics and social media, or Netflix binge watching, but just to sit, relax, and watch the world go by out of the corner of my eye. There is no need to worry about cleaning the house or working in the office (or shoveling of snow…I hear my Roomie had lots of opportunity for that yesterday), but to just listen to what my heart needs.

It is not about wanting to vacate my life. I have family (many family of choosing…anyone that says that can’t happen is missing out), and a circle of amazing, loving friends at home. I have employers that appreciate me and a work family that makes me smile every day because it means I get to see them all again, celebrating with them on victories at work or joyful moments in their lives, and support each other through tough times. I have opportunities to volunteer, a beautiful home, good food to eat and easy access to clean water to drink, and a beautiful and loving pup to greet me and give me unconditional love. So no, I don’t want to vacate my life, no need for a vacation, but most definitely a need for a mecation as I have found myself again spiraling somewhat down in spirit.

So now I am taking the opportunity to reconnect here…..not so bad a spot if I do say so myself. 🙂

image89879408700869781286196398617691353968.jpg The best of both worlds – I am in my own little studio apartment overlooking the jungle and exactly 600 steps to here….


I have my own special spot to putter, journal, write and paint, to reconnect to my spirit.

And just a 2 minute walk up the hill I have 2 very special people in my world, one of which has been a friend since college, but somewhere along the way became family. He has been there for me in celebration (leaving to work on a cruiseship, toasting me at my wedding, triumphantly being able to declare I am cancer free), and through the downturns (supporting me through the loss of my Dad, my divorce, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and most recently the loss of my Mom), and being patient enough to get me under the water and experience the true celebration of life and living in the moment while diving.

So today I wanted to share my gratitude for this mecation and wish each of you a mecation of your own, if even only for a few minutes where you sit reading this, to take the opportunity to reconnect to that beautiful spirit within you.

With much love, Glenna


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