Why I Write


I am here in a tropical destination, enjoying the lushness surrounding me and the ocean nearby, yet something is missing. Though yes, I am very capable of enjoying my own company (and have actually probably spent the majority of my life “on my own” as opposed to with someone), I truly long to share these moments with someone.

In the past, when it wasn’t a partner, there was always my Mom to call and share things with – the good and the tough. Someone I could trust completely to bounce the tough or financial decisions off of, and more importantly and day to day happenings. Someone I could share the joy of this lushness with or a funny story or something that was just plain really great that happened to me that day (even if my idea of really great was hitting all green lights on the way home and not something enormous like winning the lottery). And of course there is nothing like a mother’s hug when sharing with her those moments of sadness, loss or confusion.

This beautiful destination has it’s perks – no need for copious amounts of body lotion as there is in Alberta, flip-flops over winter boots, a relaxed environment and lifestyle, beautiful scenery, the ability to watch hummingbirds, butterflies, Roatan rabbits and geckos play near my porch or the waves rolling in when at the beach, but there have also been some very lonely nights. As with anywhere in the world, there are things to be done to stay safe, and apparently (according to “Mom & Dad” in Roatan) I am not allowed out alone after dark. This leaves me somewhat a prisoner in an albeit beautiful “prison” with way too much time to sit, think and overthink again. When not visiting my friends here it is true that evenings can be lonely and a forceful reminder of what I am missing in my life, and that is someone to share it with, converse with, challenge one another, and appreciate together what the other may have missed.

I am here, in this paradise, and it struck me suddenly that part of the reason I write is so that I can share life’s moments with someone, and that would be you my dear reader. For a girl that works hard to be fiercely independent, I truly do long to share experiences with others and I want you to know how very grateful I am that you invite me into your world when you click to read one of my posts. I am honored that you are willing to give of your time to let me share with you some gleaning of the day.

And so, with overwhelming gratitude for letting me into your lives to share a little of mine, my wish for you is that you too feel a little extra connection through your time with me.

With much love and an empty chair beside me waiting just for you, Glenna


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