My Lesson Today from a Little Black Bird

I won’t insult the orinthologists by pretending to identify my life guru today, but even on a “yucky rainy” day I could here this little fella chirping and chatting while I sat in the warmth of a sheltered vehicle, vents blowing and radio playing. This bird, so often the type we consider a nusiance, was chirping away with the odd little scavange for what I would guess is the odd bug for a snack. In fact, he was so vocal I was inspired to turn the radio down and poke my head out of my shelter to truly enjoy the moment.

The backdrop for his song was a cool and rainy day that has been cause for power outages and rough seas here today. And yet he didn’t let it stop him, but continued. I don’t know if he was calling out in search of friends, responding to those I could not here, or just enjoying the sound of his own voice. I can tell you that he didn’t let what we humans might consider a miserable dreary day stop him from singing out on his perch or taking flight when ready. There was no need in his world for him to put his head down, grumble about the weather and decide to just stay home and do nothing because the sun wasn’t shining. He found his own little way to celebrate the day.

So my life lesson today from this chirpy little guru is to understand that, even when the seas before me are choppy, the rain is falling and the winds are causing the coconut trees to sway there is no better time to tilt my head to the sky and sing.

Wishing you a song-filled day of your own.

With love, Glenna

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