May Christmas Bring You Joy Through All of the Chaos

Since getting to Roatan the topic of the sunset often brings into the conversation the green flash and whether it will be seen today. It is a phenomenon that can be seen just as the sun sets, but conditions need to be perfect. There can be nothing between you and the sun, no cloud or haze, and you must look at exactly the right moment. If you watch too long your eyes will be impacted by the sun and you will miss it.

So, each night (assuming the horizon is clear) I have an option or choice. I can live my life in the hope of a glimpse of the famed green flash or I can enjoy each every moment. I can try to play the game to guess at the perfect moment to peek in hopes that I won’t be disappointed and will get to brag that I have seen the green flash or I can choose to enjoy the spectacular miracle of watching the sun slip gracefully lower until she sinks in a magnificent orange glow into the sea before me. Hopes of one moment vs the joy of many moments if only I focus on each one .

I have looked for the green flash on numerous occasions now and you know something, I prefer to enjoy the whole show as opposed to waiting for the finale. And how appropriate that I have come to understand this gift on Christmas Eve. It is not about that one precious moment when they open the perfect gift or the turkey reaches perfection, family gets along or Santa appears, but all of it. It is the mayhem and chaos leading up to it all, or the quiet moments of an extra breath in front of a tree (or ocean wave as I am currently blessed to be able to enjoy).

So today my wish for each and every one of you is that you choose to enjoy the whole of the event without waiting for the mystical green flash, and IF that flash should appear than may it be shared with those you love.

Merry Christmas and with much love, Glenna

2 thoughts on “May Christmas Bring You Joy Through All of the Chaos

  1. It was wonderful to meet you, Glenna. Your perspective on life is inspiring and encouraging and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


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