So Many People Hugely Impact Our Lives That We Never Even See

As I write this post I am in an airplane enjoying the ascent as we take off (always my favorite part of the flight). And as I peeked at the time to see how far behind schedule we are today it crossed my mind that because of so many people I will never even meet I have confidence in the safety and freedom I enjoy.

And so those that spray the wings with de-icer, the security line telling me to remove my belt and shoes, work in factories to build planes and cars, sand and grade our highways, process fuel in refineries, grow my food, test my water, fill air in the tires of the airplane, make sure the battery of my phone is safe, engineer the plane to fly, fly the plane, drive trucks to deliver cargo loads (including food), teach those to be able to do it, medical teams that brought my health back to me, friends that care for my FURmily, the “big nasty pharmaceutical and insurance companies with the bad rep” for the gift of the drugs and benefits that allowed me to return to health, makers of winter clothing, those that complete the thankless task of emptying the black tank on the aircraft, and of course the first responders and armed forces that keep me safe, healthy, and happy…and on and on and on I could go, THANK YOU!

I find myself thinking in a new way just now, so grateful for all of those that I have never met, may never know, and certainly hope I have never looked down my nose at because when the truth be told, each and every one of you has had a potentially life saving and health preserving impact on not just my life but the lives of so many.

My wish for you today is, as we enter this new year, is that you too have the gift of thought (if even for only a moment) as to how many people have impacted your life in ways you may never even know and as such we are all just a little kinder and a little more grateful, to and for one another.

With much love & gratitude,


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