I Can’t Give Blood, But I Can Do Something to Help Others

I have never given blood. There is no good reason why. I started to look solidly into it as a way to celebrate a birthday a number of years ago but found out one of the destinations I had traveled to made me ineligible. That trend continued for a number of years, and now that I have had cancer treatment I am again ineligible to donate…at least for a few years yet.

But I was the recipient of blood, twice during chemotherapy. Some anonymous donor(s) somewhere, that I have likely never met, made an effort to go and give blood. That blood enabled me to continue my treatment. I may never be able to personally thank those donors, but I can pay it forward.

So today at 5 o’clock I packed up my desk and brought my computer and monitors home with me. I found myself tearing up as I was packing. My co-workers are family and I look forward to seeing them, sharing laughter with them and even engaging in the frustrations of daily work-life together. You may not know this about me, but I am a bit of a social butterfly and human connection is extremely important to me. I truly think that people are my hobby – sincere conversations and sharing with caring openness. To make the decision to self isolate was extremely difficult, but it is the way I see to give back and pay it forward.

You see, I may not be able to save a life or make a difference by donating blood, but what if I can save a life by self isolating and slowing the spread of COVID-19. Like my unknown heros that donated the blood that found its way to my veins, I will never know if my decision made a difference or not. But what if it did? What if it was that blood donor, or their grandmother, sister with asthma or nephew with cystic fibrosis or another cancer patient that has the opportunity for health or treatment and life because I made a decision to self isolate?

I know that I am only one person and that I cannot change the curve on my own, but I can make the decision to listen to he experts and those that have lived through this virus in their countries ahead of us, I can choose kindness. I can decide to put others before myself and stay home – seems a better sacrifice for Lent than ice cream. And hopefully, if you have read this, you will be encouraged to help protect others today too.

Wishing you kindness in your day.
With love, Glenna

One thought on “I Can’t Give Blood, But I Can Do Something to Help Others

  1. Kim and I as you probably know are self isolating and it’s the right thing to do even if we are driven hard by Kim’s lack of immunity due to the chemotherapy.

    Good for you and an articulate caring message as always Glenna.

    Love and hugs from Goderich



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