We Are Isolating, Not Hiding…and That Is All the Difference!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about some of the stories my parents had told me about blackout blinds in WWII. They were needed to block any pinprick of light from showing through the windows of a home at night as the airplanes flew overhead bombing any light they saw. Food was rationed (Dad had a joke around that one that made my jaw drop when I heard it…must have come from the auction mart😉), perhaps curfews to be home before dark, and life would have been scary as hell.

Sound familiar in some ways?

When you pause to truly think about what it must have been like, not only isolated but having to hide, probably using extremely little light in the homes just in case the blackout blinds didn’t quite cover all the light, we really are lucky during this pandemic.

It is not my intent to belittle anyone’s fears, it is scary.

I have found myself a little sad when I have seen seniors shopping in the grocery store knowing they are at higher risk. It is hard to think of being self-isolated for days on end.

So this is what I have started to do….instead of dwelling on the news or my own fears and sadness at days alone without the human connection I crave, I have started trying to focus on how I might make a difference in someone else’s day. I’ve begun writing again and look for the positive stories. There was one requesting that hearts be hung in the windows to encourage people as they are out for a walk so that is my goal today. Yesterday I painted hearts in my snowbanks to honor the request.

Using chalk paint and water bottles I painted flowers in my snowbanks (before the last snowfall🙄) and last night I decided to begin to turn on my Christmas lights again as night falls to bring a beacon of hope and love in the darkness.

You see, we may need to practice self isolation right now, but I am so grateful that we do not need to hide! There are still so many ways we can connect and impact others. And here is a little secret – when I am busy smiling to myself when I think I may have found a way to bring a smile to others or a rekindling of hope and focus on the good things in our world, it distracts me from sinking into my own fears or woes.

And of course, I am grateful my FURmily, they help to keep me sane, encourage me to walk, and most definitely think about someone other than myself.

Today I am lovingly challenging you to focus on being the kindness and spark of joy in someone else’s day! I would love to hear and be inspired by your own ideas as to how we can encourage one another – what will you do?

With much love,


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