Maybe It’s True, You Can Never Make A Women Happy!

There was a message on my voicemail at lunch and I recognize is truly good news, but it threw me. It was from the nurse at Tom Baker first thought was panicking are they calling me back early, why and what made them worry? I haven’t done blood work for some time so if they are just seeing it now how long has whatever it is been brewing?

Then the message was simply that she is reviewing files and as I finished chemo in May of 16 I should have only been back for recalls every 6 months. As such she has rescheduled my April appointment to June. In 2019 (only mere months away really) my appointments will be moved to annual follow ups.

Should really be good news but I started shaking when I got the call and have been fighting tears since. It’s silly, I recognize, but I somehow feel abandoned, and it wasn’t even my oncologist (though I am glad she is spending her time on her patients with cancer, exactly where her focus should be).

I do believe that this may be the proof that you can never make a woman happy. 🤔😏

With love, a smile at the irony of this good news being received with a jolt, and a shake of my head,


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