Rabbits Are Pez Dispensers

Conan has been in my life for 9 years now, and as with any pet he definitely has his own big personality. For 9 years we have gone on walks together, for 9 years he has tried to convince me that rabbits are Pez dispensers!!

It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, in the snow or tall grasses, his little nose picks up the trail and the “pez” gets snapped up. He is fast! It doesn’t matter what technique I try, tugging on the leash, feeding him before we go, yelling “No!” or growling “Leave it!”, there is just no convincing him that what he sees is a little trail of treats left behind by some magical creature has been left there just for him. The paths he walks meander quickly, following the scent of what might be that moment of glory when he can find his quick treat to take in a moment of self-indulgence.

I shake my head, sometimes get more frustrated than is perhaps necessary (depending on the day and how I allow his tugging on the leash to impact me), but this morning I find myself wondering, do I too sometimes think Rabbits are the Pez dispensers of life?

There are times when I meandered off of my own path and direct route, sniffing around something that others tried to tell me is no good, disgusting, to leave it! Perhaps it was the wrong boy (really who wants to listen then?!?), my personal trainer telling me that perhaps some of my eating habits are sabotaging my efforts at the gym, the headache the morning after a fantastically fun night out, my mom warning me about something or someone, but are there all ways that I too am being tugged, scolded, or encouraged to leave the “Pez treats” lay where they are?

Every now and then I think meandering to find a Pez pellet is what kinda helps to keep life interesting. It helps me understand what is right for me aligning with what I want from life, full appreciation and gratitude for the “real treats” and what leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. The trick is to not think I need to sustain myself on the Pez the rabbits leave behind.

Because I still have faith that with loving determination you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!😜

With love & fresh breath, Glenna

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