Maybe Being Grateful Isn’t Enough

I am 2 years cancer free and looking forward to counting the decades!

I am grateful for my health!

But maybe being grateful for my health isn’t enough?

I had an appointment with my psychologist at Tom Baker Cancer Centre while there for my oncologist follow up. During our discussion he asked me if I ever said thank you to myself. How odd is that, I thought at first. I practice gratitude daily so same thing right? But it really isn’t.

Here’s an example.

I am grateful for my health. Great! For some reason I have now been blessed with great health. Being grateful is absolutely important, but so is acknowledging some decisions, some ACTIONS, that I have and continue to take. Perhaps it s more of nnection to y self-esteem or worthiness? So, instead of just being grateful for my health and acknowledging it’s current state of being, today I am saying…

Thank you, Glenna, for summoning the courage to make the decision to have my ovaries removed prophylactically. (This was the right decision for ME).

Thank you, Glenna, for reaching out 1.5 years ago to a friend with a personal training gym to take command of your physical and mental health for “forced” endorphins and nutrition.

Thank you, Glenna, for feeding myself well today and not sabotaging my efforts but fueling my body with nutrition.

Thank you, Glenna, for not cancelling at the gym today but forcing myself to go and get a great workout in.

Thank you, Glenna, for forcing yourself to move forward through life, especially when times get difficult, and not allowing yourself to curl into the fetal position and give up.

Thank you, Glenna, for finding and nurturing loving relationships that allow you to feed each other’s spirits, celebrate together, and conquer tough times.

Thank you, Glenna, for taking a risk to begin writing this blog and being open in hopes to help other women that may be struggling with what the BRACA1 decisions (and oops cancer) journey may be like only to find that many others can relate as well. It has brought the gifts of healing and awareness through writing and support in unexpected ways.

Thank you, Glenna, for finding and acknowledging to myself the small ways I DO make a difference in this world.

My list continues, but even I keep some things private.😉 My hope is that by sharing what have today it inspires you to look at what you are grateful for in your own life (health, friends, the difference you make) and understand what, of that, you could be thanking yourself for.

We all have our special gifts and blessings that come along in life and being aware and grateful is important, but I am now aware of the need to thank myself for the actions I take to grow those gifts into a life I am proud to say I have recognized my worthiness and worked for, and as such am now learning to say thank you.

What is one thing you can thank yourself for today?

With love, Glenna

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